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Portrait of an Eagle

Ava Petrosky portrait

Since starting Portrait, I have noticed students compliment each other about how they demonstrate the competencies. Students tell me the lessons are fun and give them the chance to learn how to take care of themselves while building confidence.

- Ava Petrosky

Jason Kofmehl portrait

Portrait of an Eagle has given me the ability to dive deeper into the content of my courses. We focus on the how and the why instead of just the what and the when. It's helped my students to grow.

- Jason Kofmehl

Christina Stoshack portrait

Portrait of an Eagle - instilling the confidence, adaptability, empathy, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and responsibility necessary for successful employees, military recruits, and students of the future!

- Christina Stoshack


Photo of school with glass and brick front and cloudy blue skyline

Welcome to Mountain View Middle School - one of two dynamic 6-8 middle schools in CV committed to supporting students during a period of significant growth. We focus on the expectation of each student reaching their potential, while instilling a love a learning and equipping them with necessary skills for success in life, including organization, time-management, problem-solving, collaboration, citizenship, and decision-making.

Communication is key to success. Do not hesitate to contact teachers, counselors, or administrators with any questions or concerns. Our goal is to work together to provide students with an optimal learning experience in a safe and welcoming environment.

We are very proud of our students. Together with our staff and supportive families, our students contribute to an inclusive environment which promotes learning and fosters important life skills. Our hope is that each class that travels through the doors of Mountain View will find success and "Soar to Greatness!"